Infosec — Infosec IQ, Infosec Skills and Infosec Flex

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Infosec is an education pioneer providing enterprise-wide cybersecurity education for 15 years. The company arms security professionals and teams with skills training and certification boot camps (Infosec Skills and Infosec Flex courses) while building the entire workforce’s security aptitude with a security awareness training and anti-phishing platform (Infosec IQ). Infosec’s achievements include:

An Infosec Flex library exceeding 100 courses with the most flexible enrollment options tailored to how, when and where students learn best – interactive live online courses, in-person boot camps nationwide, self-paced computer-based training and customized enterprise team training.

New in 2019, it’s easier than ever to measure each employee’s comprehension of cybersecurity topics and retention of security training within Infosec IQ. The latest Infosec IQ release introduces nine pre-built adaptive assessments to the content library, which can be added to any AwareEd course.

Adaptive assessments adjust based on the employee’s performance on each question — scores increase after every correct answer and decrease after incorrect answers.

The Exam Pass Guarantee – unique in the cybersecurity education market, if students don’t pass their exam on the first attempt, Infosec provides a second attempt for free.

One of the largest security awareness education libraries with ~500 Infosec IQ learning assets and more than 2,000 phishing simulation templates – providing security awareness program managers the content variety they need to personalize security education to their staff.

A free Phishing Risk Test was added to Infosec IQ, allowing clients and potential customers to run a 100-learner phishing simulation to test the phishing susceptibility and receive the results in 24 hours.

Awarding $155,000 through the Cybersecurity Scholarship Program aimed at growing awareness of workforce diversity challenges and the widening skills gap.

Launched Infosec Inspire19 Security Awareness Conference in Chicago.

Developed Certified Security Awareness Practitioner certification program.

How we are different

*Recognizing cybersecurity is everyone’s job, Infosec provides security education for every role within an organization. It provides skills development and certification training for IT and security professionals while building the entire workforce’s security aptitude through awareness training and phishing simulations. This holistic approach to security education helps organizations build their security threat defenses across all levels and lower their cyber risk enterprise-wide. Organizations benefit from a single-source relationship and support from an industry-leading veteran of cybersecurity education.

A first in the industry, Infosec Skills is mapped to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, which contains entry, mid and advanced cybersecurity roles backed by research into the actual skills requested by employers. The program helps build cybersecurity knowledge across more than 50 skill and certification learning paths. Each learning path contains a collection of courses structured to progress knowledge and close any skill gaps — along with hands-on cyber ranges and certification practice exams to build confidence.

*Infosec's team of instructional designers, content developers and trainers have used science-backed education methods to develop all Infosec Skills and Infosec Flex course lectures and study materials as well as Infosec IQ’s security awareness training modules, videos and assessments. The company is known for its rigorous approach to developing consistently high quality, award-winning content. The result is an unmatched 93% exam-pass rate for Infosec Flex students and phishing susceptibility rates of 1% or lower for Infosec IQ clients.

*As one of few non-venture-backed cybersecurity education vendors in the market, Infosec has proven its success and stability with a 101% ARR in 2019 and 19 consecutive years of profitability.