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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Inspired eLearning’s Security First solutions deliver enterprise-level security awareness education and anti-phishing simulations to organizations of all sizes. From Fortune 50, to Government and Higher Ed Institutions, to SMB’s and private individuals, our Security Awareness and anti-phishing solutions have engaged and trained more than 9 million people worldwide over the past 17 years.

Our courses are unique because they engage individuals by combining high-quality content and experiential simulations that offer organizations the educational reinforcement tools needed to motivate their employees to learn and retain more. This leads to measurable changes in behavior and promotes a security-conscious culture that is capable of detecting, defending, and responding to cybersecurity threats as they arise.

We passionately believe that well-trained employees are the best defense against risk. This is why our team of highly experienced Instructional Designers and multimedia artists leverage adult learning methodologies and behavioral science to develop the most effective content and immersive learning experiences.

We respect the learner’s time by providing only what they need to know and not what is nice to know. When it comes to engaging learners, we feel that production quality matters. You can ask yourself would you rather go through “death by PowerPoint” or a multimedia rich experience with cinematic video, 3D animations, and real-life simulations.

Each of our courses are updated regularly to reflect the current threat landscape and security trends. Our cybersecurity subject matter experts keep an ear to the ground on just what issues and concerns are top of mind with CISOs and organizations. They regularly review our course material and our Instructional Designers make sure that the information is clear and easily understood.

How we are different

• Our content has the highest production quality in the industry—bar none. We utilize a team of skilled instructional designers, animators, 3D artists, motion graphic experts, and video professionals to generate the most compelling content for our learners.

• Our unique methodology empowers learners by providing relevant and meaningful instruction using scenario-based interactivity, a conversational approach, and positive reinforcement. This helps maximize retention so that what is learned can be applied at home and in the workplace.

• PhishProof®, our advanced phishing simulation software offers all four threat vectors: phishing, SMiShing, vishing, and USB baiting, in a single solution. Additionally, CyQ™, our cybersecurity awareness diagnostic tool, has been engineered to identify learner strengths and opportunities for improvement to help gauge cyber-readiness and curate effective learning paths.