Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Lookout
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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- The decade of experience securing mobility and protecting tens of millions of people around the world has given us access to virtually all the mobile code in the world.
- With a dataset of more than 40 million mobile apps, and up to 90K added daily, the Lookout Security Cloud conducts complex correlations and predicts future risk, identifying threats that would otherwise evade legacy systems and go unseen. Only the Lookout Security Cloud delivers predictive mobile security powered by a worldwide network of 100 million mobile sensors. We know and understand mobile better than anyone else.
- Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security addresses the full spectrum of risk brought on by the employee owned app centric world. Where IT used to have tight control over their employees’ computing ecosystems, today, the individual is in charge -- intertwining personal and corporate information with a simple swipe. While an increase in mobile productivity draws cybercriminals’ attentions to the mobile platform where they are performing increasingly sophisticated attacks, the explosion of mobile apps also exposes enterprises to new risks -- such as from poorly coded applications and app behaviors. There’s an urgent need to expand the definition of mobile security beyond management or anti-malware to include protection from vulnerabilities, suspicious behaviors, as well as malicious code.

Brief Overview

Lookout is a cybersecurity company that makes it possible for tens of millions of individuals, enterprises and government agencies to be both mobile and secure. Powered by a dataset of virtually all the mobile code in the world — 40 million apps and counting — the Lookout Security Cloud can identify connections that would otherwise go unseen and predict and stop mobile attacks before they do harm.

The growing adoption of mobile in the enterprise has allowed for increased flexibility and productivity. However, due to this shift, mobile devices have rapidly become ground zero for a wide spectrum of risks. Organizations need to be able to secure their mobile fleet and protect their sensitive information, which is where Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security solution comes in.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security enables secure mobility by providing comprehensive risk management across iOS and Android devices, offering protection against risks associated with the app, device, network and web & content vectors. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security leverages a lightweight app on the user device, a cloud-based admin console that provides real-time visibility into risks, and integration with leading EMM solutions.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security empowers organizations to fully adopt secure mobility across their workforce, whilst ensuring protection from: malicious targeted attacks to devices and network connections, a range of malware families, non-compliant apps that leak data, etc. Organizations who have deployed Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security have visibility across the entire mobile spectrum of risk specific to their unique needs based on enterprise and industry requirements.