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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Recent high-profile cyberattacks have drawn attention to the importance of having a well-trained IT and cybersecurity team to secure business environments. Unexpected downtime, breached systems, and unauthorized access can be dangerous, destructive, costly, and damaging to an organization’s reputation. It is because of such high stakes that critical infrastructure organizations need an abundance of qualified, highly skilled cybersecurity pros to help identify, mitigate and remediate threats of all types.

Today, there is a need for certifications and professional training courses to help educate aspiring Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) cybersecurity professionals and retrain the existing workforce with the skills necessary to protect industrial environments from cyber threats. Unfortunately, such educational opportunities aren’t producing enough job-ready workers or empowering those already in the workforce with empirical knowledge. Many existing programs are sector-specific, and those that aren’t industry-specific tend to focus too much on concepts and theories rather than practical workforce training and development.

With demand for skilled cyber pros at an all-time high, the industry must evolve how it trains its workforce by focusing on practical processes and technologies, as well as interoperability with existing IT and OT security infrastructures. We developed OPSWAT Academy – a comprehensive cybersecurity curriculum containing free courses to address the CIP skills shortage and promote best practices successfully implemented in the most secure environments.

OPSWAT Academy trains professionals in the types of cybersecurity risks, threats and solutions found in common business processes and use cases within critical environments. With the increase of zero-day attacks and the growing threat landscape, OPSWAT Academy consists of courses designed for the learner to build their expertise and learn about technologies like Deep CDR, multiscanning, threat intelligence, proactive DLP, file-based vulnerability, sandbox security, endpoint compliance, endpoint malware detection, data protection, endpoint vulnerability assessment and endpoint application removal.

How we are different

Since revamping the program in October 2021, we have received more than 1,000 new student enrollments for Academy 3.0

OPSWAT Academy 3.0 addresses this talent shortage by providing both cybersecurity professionals and those looking to enter the cybersecurity field with the practical skills and business-tested practices

OPSWAT Academy courses are free of charge anytime and anywhere, which removes the cost barrier many people face when searching for cybersecurity training programs.