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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Pradeo
Company size (employees)100 to 499
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Pradeo Security draws its accuracy from its unique machine intelligence mechanism refined over billions of security facts. First, the solution analyses the mobile environment to get a precise understanding of the security context. Second, Pradeo’s patented AI-based engine processes each fact, leveraging advanced combinatorial algorithms. By performing a multidimensional analysis, Pradeo Security automatically replicates the accuracy of a manual detection, automatically and on a large scale, answering organizations needs of precise and time-saving solutions.

Throughout the years, Pradeo has developed a large network of partners that includes Atos, BlackBerry, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, VMware, 42Gears, FancyFon, Splunk, Syslog, ArcSight and IBM QRadar. Pradeo Security is integrated with the UEM and SIEM solutions of above-mentioned partners to facilitate the incorporation of mobile security within any existing ecosystem.
Furthermore, Pradeo and Samsung have launched the solution Pradeo Security for Samsung in January 2018, a solution dedicated to the protection of Samsung mobile devices. Pradeo is currently the only mobile security provider that has a common solution with Samsung.

The Pradeo Security solution suite has been designed from the ground up to protect every aspects of organizations’ mobile environment. It provides 360° services that answer all mobility-related needs, from the protection of their mobile fleet and the data it handles to the prevention of data leakage and fraud from sensitive applications. With Pradeo Security, security heads can smoothly manage mobile security through a unified console.

Brief Overview

Pradeo is a global company, leader in mobile security.

Pradeo’s cutting-edge technology, Pradeo Security, relies on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning processes. It was designed from the ground up to precisely identify cyber threats lurking on organizations’ mobile environment, and neutralize them. It prevents attacks and data leakage while enforcing compliance with data privacy regulations.

Through the years, the Pradeo intelligence center has collected 100 billions of mobile security data, implemented 200.000 security rules and detected nearly 1 million severe mobile threats and billions of leaky behaviors.

The Pradeo Security solution suite offers robust and automatic services to proactively secure mobiles devices, applications and sensitive data. It answers to the following use cases:

• Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense to protect collaborators’ smartphones and tablets (BYOD, COPE, Android, iOS… ). A solution that relies on an on-device agent to detect threats operating at the application, the network and the device level and block them in real-time. (More details:
• Pradeo Security Mobile Application Security Testing to audit applications’ security levels before distributing them. A ready to use web console that offers to audit any Android and iOS applications. In one click, get a clear view on all the application’s behaviors and vulnerabilities. (More details:
• Pradeo Security Runtime Application Self-Protection (SDK) to secure mobile applications data and sessions. A solution that empowers mobile applications with self-defense capabilities. Once an application embeds the SDK, it detects surrounding threats and take adapted preventive actions. (More details:

Pradeo counts Fortune 500 companies among its clients and has technological partnerships with global mobility players: Atos, BlackBerry, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, VMware, 42Gears, FancyFon, Splunk, Syslog, ArcSight and IBM QRadar.

Pradeo has offices in San Francisco, Paris and London and a channel of resellers that cover over 40 countries.