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Company size (employees)1000+


QA is the UK’s leading, most trusted training provider, helping people and businesses to transform their performance through learning. With 1,500 training courses to choose from, businesses receive an unrivalled learning experience thanks to QA’s flexible learning options, QA authored courses, a wide range of learning resources, as well as first-class learning centres all over the UK.
QA boasts leading edge security training and offers a wide range of courses in the cyber security space, such as cyber security, DevOps and networking. Three of the most popular subject areas are:

• Cyber Certifications: World class Cyber Certification courses which deliver best of breed security accredited masterclasses enabling security professionals to attain industry led recognition. Employers continue to seek the range of security qualifications that demonstrate that security professionals are at the top of their game and respected by their peers.
• Cyber Assurance:
These courses deliver against the world’s leading security risk management standards and information assurance frameworks. The security awareness materials take the bold step of taking security staff education beyond the ‘Hygiene factor’ to deliver actionable security training to enable our client’s workforce.
• Cyber Defence: The Cyber Defence security courses provide the depth and coverage across the wide range of cyber activities to enable staff and specialists to prepare a holistic defence against an attack whilst providing the skills and capability to deter threats from within the cyber threat landscape. Notwithstanding the London Cyber Lab facilities, where amongst other events we run cyber ‘capture the flag’ competitions.

There are over 20 QA learning centres and many other sites spread across the UK, providing a convenient choice of learning locations and ensuring that over 90% of the population is within 45 minutes of a training destination. QA also offers ‘available anywhere’ courses, that attendees can partake in from their own homes.

How we are different

• QA is one of the largest learning services organisations in the UK, developing skills and capabilities for everyone from apprentices to business leaders and has a client base covering 80% of the FTSE 250.
• QA offers the only end-to-end cyber curriculum in the UK, including full courses across Cyber Certifications, Cyber Assurance and Cyber Defence. QA’s goal is to transform security education for the UK and help bridge the cyber talent gap.
• QA has grown in 30 years from inception to become a trusted, awarded and accredited brand. QA has an on-going CSR programme, donating to charity regularly, as well as an active initiative to be more energy efficient and reduce its impact on the environment.