The Security Awareness Company

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Additional Info
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

1. The Security Awareness Company has given away more quality security awareness content than their competitors have in their entire inventory.

2. Their content doesn’t just look good; it outperforms! SAC turns dry cybersecurity topics into something entertaining & consistently fresh.

3. They give clients lots of 1-on-1 attention to make sure their programs are successful.

Brief Overview

The Security Awareness Company (SAC) has been providing mature, robust and branded-customized information security awareness programs to global enterprises since 1991 when they were founded by visionary information security pioneer, Winn Schwartau. SAC creates these successful training programs (including compliance standards such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS) for companies of all sizes. Their users are the First Lines of Defense to their organization and SAC works closely with their internal team to tailor the content and delivery so it fits their culture and needs. The goal is turn users into Human Firewalls by changing their security mindset and to enhance their cyber-behavior and awareness.

The Security Awareness Company provides more choices than anyone else in this industry, from branding all of a company’s materials and delivering them in multiple languages, to designing custom packages and customizing materials to further exceed their expectations.

They are passionate about the importance of cyber security awareness and educating people to become good digital citizens. Any organization simply cannot afford to limit company security training to boring annual PowerPoint presentations or dry modules that no one absorbs. SAC helps implement a program that actually changes users’ behavior for the long-term!