Symmetry Systems DataGuard

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Symmetry Systems is the industry’s first hybrid cloud data security posture management solution (DSPM) that safeguards data at scale in AWS, GCP, Azure, and on-premise databases while supporting a data-centric zero trust model. With Symmetry, security and compliance teams can address threats quickly through AI-driven DSPM. Modern security teams use DataGuard to gain a full understanding of their cloud data stores, data objects and access permissions. The solution also provides an evidence-based security approach to protect their business from data breaches and to meet stringent compliance and privacy regulations. This lays the foundation for high velocity modern cloud security outcomes by enabling teams to protect their most important assets first: their sensitive and business-critical data.

Symmetry was born from the Spark Research Lab at UT Austin, where professor Dr. Mohit Tiwari and his Ph.D. student Dr. Casen Hunger developed a new approach to data security by creating a system stack where users can control their data even when they use untrusted applications on untrusted data centers. DataGuard is the first hybrid cloud DSPM solution designed to extend the zero trust philosophy to protecting data, not just the technologies or users who access that data. It runs fully and securely in the customers’ cloud to ensure organizations have comprehensive control over their data.

In just two years, Symmetry has gone through multiple funding rounds as well as explosive revenue, employee and customer growth. Symmetry closed a $3M seed funding round in 2020, and in June 2021, it finalized a $15M Series A funding round. The company is backed by leading security investors ForgePoint Capital and Prefix Capital with participation from Accenture Ventures.

How we are different

- Symmetry Systems' technology has fundamentally changed how organizations view data protection. The team has coined the “Zero Trust for Data” approach that maintains authority over data within multi-cloud hybrid environments when all other security measures fail.

- Symmetry Systems is leading the charge in the newly defined Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) category and was recently named a Cool Vendor in the space by Gartner.

- Based on research from the University of Texas, Austin, DataGuard captures data flows across hybrid cloud environments (AWS, GCP, Azure, on premise) and remediates via policy as code.