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Companyillusive networks
Company size (employees)61
Type of solutionSoftware


Illusive networks’ Deceptions Everywhere is a deception management system (DMS) that distributes, monitors and continuously manages deceptions. It weaves a deceptive layer over the entire network – meaning every endpoint, server and network component is coated with deceptions. The moment an attacker penetrates the network, they are in an ‘illusive’ world where all the data is unreliable. Its Attacker View provides a unique view of how attackers see the network, visualizing the current attack surface and hidden paths before an attack occurs. This enables risk-mitigation through custom-fit deceptions, as it shows incident-alert locations on a map, which can trace an entire attack campaign.

Its Advanced Ransomware Guard automatically blocks the ransomware operation at the source hosts, alerts the defenders and also diverts it to encrypt phony or false targets. Once ransomware attempts to access a network or move laterally towards strategic assets, it immediately detects the specific action, neutralizing the attack immediately and automatically.

Its Wire Transfer Guard is the first cyber-deception-dedicated solution built to protect financial networks. It effectively detects, reports on and mitigates targeted attacks that pose high risk of financial and strategic damage to financial institutions globally.

Before illusive networks’ Deceptions Everywhere, enterprises were relying on honeypot vendors. Honeypots have a low detection rate, high level of false positives, are easily traceable, hard to deploy and complicated to maintain. They look for malware, but build passive honeypots that the attackers may or may not stumble upon.

With illusive networks, there are no false positives, as real users never ‘wander’ into illusive’s alternative reality. The system generates an actionable breach report in real-time of exact forensic information needed to contain the attack, restricting the attacker from cleaning their tracks. Users are also not aware of deceptions that are deployed as they are managed in an agentless, low-fingerprint

How we are different

- Illusive networks is pioneering deception's based cyber security which has identified numerous advanced attacks that went undetected by other solutions.

- No agent installed on endpoints means attackers cannot reverse engineer agents to find ways to mitigate its operations

- Real-users never wander into illusive’s alternative reality. Anyone that does is definitely an attacker and are instantly detected - without any false positives.