Hexadite Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRS)

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Today’s incident response (IR) teams have already invested in security detection tools, but they are still being overloaded by the volume and complexity of cyberattacks. According to EMA, organizations only have the resources to properly investigate 1% of alerts ranked as severe or critical. At the same time, existing IR solutions either, (1) only provide workflows to help orchestrate incident response, acting more as a smart ticketing system, or (2) require significant expertise to set up and manage on an ongoing basis.

To help combat this time and resource deficit, Hexadite’s Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRS) is the first agentless intelligent security orchestration and automation platform for Global 2000 companies. By easily integrating with customers’ existing security technologies and harnessing artificial intelligence that automatically investigates every cyber alert and drives remediation actions, Hexadite enables security teams to amplify their ability to mitigate cyber threats in real-time.

Hexadite’s groundbreaking approach to cybersecurity incident response ultimately reduces the time it takes enterprises to close out cybersecurity alerts by up to 95% – enabling clients to investigate every alert comprehensively and dramatically improve their overall security posture.

How we are different

• Hexadite AIRS can operate without human involvement thanks to its proprietary inspection algorithms, which are modeled after the investigative and decision-making skills of top cyber analysts, and driven by artificial intelligence. It eliminates many traditionally manual tasks, including writing the response playbooks, that power other IR solutions – gathering data from disparate sources or coding investigation logic into the incident response platform, and taking remediation actions.
• Hexadite AIRS integrates with its client’s existing 3rd party security solutions, and also leverages its own proprietary Threat Intelligence Cloud for up-to-the-moment threat evaluation. In doing this, Hexadite is evening that battlefield, reducing the time it takes to close out cybersecurity alerts by up to 95%, and thus enabling clients to investigate alerts more comprehensively.
• Hexadite’s incident response solution is agentless and does not require any software to be installed on endpoints. It uses a dissolvable probe to investigate incidents and once an investigation is complete, the probe is immediately uninstalled leaving no local presence on the endpoint. As a flexible and lightweight solution, Hexadite can be implement in hours and show ROI in days.